YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Shuangyu Design

Neótan Café

"Rodin's hands were his chief tools, undulating curves and straight lines by tapping, striking, chipping and polishing them, his fingers busy at every turn nursing signs of life, giving strength and will to the plaster, spirituality and spirit to the stone." -- William H. Gass

Classical Symbolism

There is a subtle connection between mathematical geometry and classical rhythm, such as the main entrance of the Louvre, where I.M. Pei has placed a transparent glass pyramid, and the geometric lines create a fantastic journey to the palace museum, where lightness and solemnity, simplicity and complexity, bare structure and pearl palace, contemporary and classical, etc. are combined into a bright gem that becomes the dominant urban feature of Paris.

In the design strategy of Neótan Café, a box with a slanted roof is also attempted to be embedded in the entrance, which solves the problem of the street interface and extends to the interior, while ensuring the overall continuity. A plaster column broken in mid-air shows the unfinished state with the undulating sculptural texture of the bottom section, and the logo pyramid made of jade with a vague warm luster opens the prologue of the space of "minimalist palace".

Through the dramatic narrative structure, we are instantly transported to another field, a quiet and unique spatial context that invites visitors to explore. Here, time is perceived and enjoyed as a presence in itself, and time flows slowly in the quiet aesthetics of wabi-sabi, and in the space between cups of coffee, our heart are tranquilized and nourished for a moment.

Effective "Waste"

While commercial spaces in the usual sense make maximum use of the available space, Neótan Café is slightly different, planning a "wasted" buffer space at the entrance - a transitional, interconnected gray space between inside and outside. It shifts the emotion from the rush and fast pace to the silence and everything related to the embodied experience, so that the neglected and subtle perceptions start to appear.

The semi-enclosed "eave space" consciously keeps the store space at a certain distance from the outdoors, filtering out the noises of the street and acting as a partition of movement and quiet. Outside, you can be curious, peep, take photos and wait; inside, you can talk softly and feel the beauty of food. This is in line with the brand positioning of Neótan Coffee and the connotation of the noun "Neótan", which means "to do something with great enjoyment".

Five Senses Experience

A symbolic sense of ritual welcomes customers to the interior by pushing open the slightly heavy walnut door. The interior space has an asymmetrical and free layout, with a longitudinal extension of the work surface and a rustic round table with rattan chairs, bringing customers closer to the barista, while a semi-private area is separated by a half-height rammed earth wall, creating a different form of sofa area and loose tables.

The small square lights stretching from outside to inside become the main light source and visual highlight of the space. The blurred light is just enough to illuminate the small character "tan", and the recurring sequence emphasizes the brand concept while showing a little Zen. The large coarse texture and introverted color palette, the mottled texture of the sky, wall and ground, together create a pure spiritual realm.

Sipping coffee involves the senses of taste and smell, while the space shows a combination of vision, touch and hearing. The western food culture and the oriental space feeling merge into one, mixing and matching to create a material place with a unique flavor. A few embracing candles echo the antique table lamps, haloing a warm, hazy and poetic atmosphere of light and shadow.

Time Theatre

The core elements of Neótan Café Theater are the "loose" characters, the ordinary daily plot, and the quiet and peaceful internal environment. Beginning with a dark walnut wall in the entrance and ending with a dark walnut wall in the interior, the curtain of the theater opens and closes, staging a play about the essence of life and time.

The coffee space varies according to the positioning, and there are various forms, such as lively conversation with friends, leisurely and delicate afternoon tea on weekends, or easy and convenient refreshment during work. The space design of Neótan Café hopes to create a relaxing zen rest place in the downtown through the unique place language, and a free experience of enjoying coffee and co-existence of time.


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