YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Vol.93丨Belgium x Kerstens Design

Belgium 2022-10-28

Kerstens Design was founded in 2015 and is based in Antwerp,designed by Andy Kerstens, which is a multidisciplinary design studio with a clear vision of architecture, interior design, and furniture design. Their affinity for craftsmanship, detail, and atmosphere are essential. Andy Kerstens’s work exudes a certain serenity, resulting from a monochrome and timeless signature, combined with a touch of understated luxury. He strive for simplicity, a timeless, minimal design combined with rich, natural materials for a warm and sober look.

Yinjispace:What stimulate your interest in design?

Kerstens Design:I think in overall, design and the aesthetics of our surroundings, spaces, objects, furniture, and everything around us, shapes us a human being. The strength of it cannot be underestimated, and it influences our daily lives. Such an impact is interesting to work around, as it could change human behavior, and the overall happiness of people. That idea, the importance and possibility to create and change is something that attracts us as designers. Shaping homes for people, a place where they feel safe and comfortable is such a daily fulfilment to work on.

Yinjispace:In what condition do you start your firm?

Kerstens Design:From the moment I graduated, I immediately started as a freelance interior architect, where I worked for several larger architecture firms. This gave me the ability to shape myself, my vision, and our technical knowledge more. After five years, we completely went for our own studio (since 2019), where we have projects in Belgium, and the rest of Europe. We do focus on high-end residential interiors, or any other segment where we can establish a nice and qualitative project. Furniture and product design are also close related to our daily business, and we do like a multi-disciplinary approach where various aspects are being combined.

Yinjispace:How to achieve minimalism and hide all these facilities?

Kerstens Design:It is difficult to stipulate this in detail. A gut feeling I guess, an urge to downsize, to compress and to align. A process that there from beginning to the end.
Finding the perfect balance between practicality, aesthetics, minimal design, yet preserving an interesting image and layered design is one of our main concerns we are confronted with daily.

Yinjispace:How would you describe your style now? Which designer do you learn from?

Kerstens Design:Our signature is characterized by pure lines, balanced proportions within a quite solid and voluminous / architectural approach. Warm tones and natural materials combined with custom and refined details.
We develop architecture till the last millimeters in our joinery. This all we always want to achieve within a customized design, yest honest to our own signature and within a contemporary and timeless atmosphere.
Architects as Peter Zumthor, David Chipperfield, OOAA architectura, John Pawson, but also Bernard Dubois, Vincent Van Duysen, and many others are shaping our vision and inspire us. Though it is an unlimited list.

Yinjispace:What would you say about Belgium design’s international influence?

Kerstens Design:Belgian design became quite known by a handful of top Belgian designers that influenced the international scene around the 2000’s. It became more admired and respected the last 20 years.
I think the pure lines, combined with a strong technical knowledge and very selective natural materials within a remarkably high standard and building quality are just some of the topics that attracted international attention.