YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Erez Hyatt

''We shape our buildings; there after they shape us.'' -Winston Churchill   

Erez Hyatt is the founder and owner of the studio and serves as its director and chief designer. Studio specializes in designing residential, luxury apartments, offices and commercial space.    
Erez is an outstanding graduate of the Israeli Building Center, and in the course of his studies his designs have received acclaim from industry leaders and have been chosen to lead the renovation and design of a central public complex. In addition to his activities in the studio, Erez serves as an lecturer in professional forums in various fields of design.      
Erez Hyatt values and focus on minimalist and functional creation, based on a very complex and precise design. Designing space is an art to us, always aspired to leave a distinct imprint and nothing else.      
From our point-of-view design at its best accrue when an element is stripped to its essential and fundamental components so can be reapplied back to an intact better form. They desire to break through and change familiar boundaries is an uncompromising professional threshold, which Their clients should and can expect to receive.

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    Design Works

    • Sculpture Apartment

      The house in the center of the country was built for a family of four children with a total area of 218 square meters. The designer Erez Hyatt got involved right from the beginning, at a stage when the tenants wanted to change the existing design to fit their needs and also to combine design at the highest and most accurate level.
    • Luxury Private House in Rishon LeZion

      In a house in Rishon LeZion that was designed by Erez Hyatt, there is a wonderful symmetry that is combined with minimalist lines and is responsible for the sense of luxury that simultaneously creates a warm and embracing home. The house covers a built-up area of 320 square meters, where a family of four lives, surrounded by a spectacular vegetation.
    • Penthouse in Modiin

      The prestigious entrance to the penthouse in Modi'in shows a clear horizontal line that was born due to the desire to blur the different heights created by the original doors of the public space. In order to create a continuous horizon, a white drywall was constructed with pre-scored lines at changing intervals that continued as a brush over the power wall and the kitchen and turned them into an harmonious whole.
    • Shviro Showrrom

      "Shviro" is a chain specializing in garden furniture and accessories for the outdoor, and she is one of the leading companies in Israel. She has a number of exhibition halls throughout Israel, and the flagship branch was designed by the designer Erez Hyatt, with a minimalist approach and clean lines which were meant to give a place of honor to the furniture.
    • Penthouse in Raanana

      Erez Hyatt's newly completed penthouse is located in Raanana, the heart of Israel, with a total floor area of 320 square meters, including a balcony area of 180 square meters.
    • Bat Yam Apartment

      This new luxury apartment is located in Bat Yam, in the Midwest of Israel, for a total of 114 square meters. The harmonious space was achieved through a design line combining the use of monochromatic colors, flow and continuity of the design language, in a way that the living room, the dining area and the kitchen united into a harmonious space.
    • Beit Zayit House

      Erez Hyatt were asked to design the home of a retired couple in their late sixties who live alone in Moshav Beit Zayit. A house with a red tiled roof, one level, old and neglected that had never been renovated or renewed.
    • Mishkenot Hauma Apartment in Jerusalem

      Erez Hyatt went to plan a small and neglected apartment and turn it into an elegant and luxurious luxury apartment, in a way that its small dimensions will not be felt. In addition to the relatively small size of the apartment, the edge wall in the space was diagonal.
    • Penthouse in Ramat Hasharon

      In the first encounter with public space, we realized that the spatial data, dimensions and shape of the space pose a challenge that demands not only imagination, daring and originality, but also conflicting and contradictory thinking. Thinking that creates a reality of space that will blur its true data.
    • Herzliya Apartment

      Erez Hyatt was asked to redesign an apartment where the program presented a living room and kitchen adjacent and open to each other, with a cramped and limited space that prevented the people from enjoying intimacy and comfort.
    • Moshav Aminadav

      Erez Hyatt went to design a house for couples and their 4 children, Moshav Aminadav sitting on a plot of 500 square meters with 3 floors, with a built area of 375 square meters.
    • Penthouse in Jerusalem

      This penthouse is known as a 170 square meter "wooden cube." Designer Erez Hyatt opted to cancel one of the bedrooms, thereby increasing public space in order to increase the number of dining areas.