YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Liljencrantz Design

Liljencrantz Design is an award-winning international interior design studio based in Stockholm, Sweden. Taking on private as well as commercial projects, they work with a wide range of clients creating bespoke and luxurious interiors for residences, retail, and hospitality. Founded in 2009 by interior designer Louise Liljencrantz, the studio work closely with an excellent team of craftsmen making sure the final results are of high quality and lasts over time.

Now Louise and her family live in a 1883 old building in central Stockholm. She likes Italy, so she often feels Milan's architecture, design and the atmosphere of the city, as well as the fragrance, smell, nature and magical light of Tuscany. In addition, Tuscan's Castello di Vicarello is a heaven in the world of Louise, which can give her soul peace.   

With a focus on long-lasting natural materials and good craftsmanship, Liljencrantz's design pays great attention to every detail in the process. Their interiors honor location and architecture and balance mid-century modern influences with a contemporary language. The results are multi-layered, elegant, and timeless. Medieval modern design, contemporary minimalism and return to nature are themselves Louise's specialties. Her design focuses on texture and detail, reflecting a distinctly complex and timeless texture. Louise Liljencrantz's style highlights the perfect combination of modern elegance and natural materials and textures. Her understated iconic style redefined to some extent the so-called Scandinavian design language.

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    Design Works

    • Linnegatan Home

      Villa O is a private residence in Stockholm, Sweden, which is neither ornate nor austere.
    • Villa O

      Contemporary minimalism and returning to nature itself is Swedish designer Louise Liljenkrantz's specialty.
    • Villa W

      Louise Liljencrantz's goal is to take the passion, emotion and unspoken code that emanates from one person and turn it into something tangible.
    • Home of Sofia Wallenstam

      Sofia Wallenstam uses natural Swedish emotion in the design of this home, vast space has minimalist line, inside collect tonal and rugged natural material.
    • Strandvagen Home

      Strandvagen is an elegant apartment that features historical stories. The complex and detailed design approach showcases the designer's ever-expanding portfolio, which is a celebration of materials and tradition.
    • Lidingo Home

      Louise Liljencrantz and her team have taken the art of modern decline to new heights.
    • Louise Liljencrantz Home

      Liljencrantz's pursuit of texture, color and objects is reflected in her home.