YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Nantong Zhonghai Zhenru Mansion

In this fast-paced urban life, urban high-yield elite people yearn for high-quality luxury life, elegant luxury life in the local cultural basis, Z ONE⁺to "pay tribute to the East with art; The design concept of "modern, telling the tradition" is designed to convey the inner abundance of Nantong people. Standing at the top of the heart, it can break through the map, through history, and faintly remind a kind of urban "height".

The aesthetic garden integrated with nature makes every step of the way home beautiful. Zheyi designed Z ONE⁺ to connect the dream of living in the old city with real life scenes and home routes. There is only this Zhenru Mansion in Nantong, which introduces the natural environment, transports rocks from mountains, and manages water and waterfalls. Linked with the indoor space, there is no boundary between inside and outside. From the "painting scene" to the "artistic scene", in the elegant water courtyard, it creates the luxurious atmosphere of an oriental courtyard where you can listen to the water and moor the boat, and the cultural heritage emerges spontaneously.

The new four generations of Nantong products,What you see is what you get.in addition to the pursuit of the ultimate details, show the beauty of the scale of space with local humanity and the aesthetic of The Times, so that the taste and texture of the world's elegant luxury aesthetic are integrated into the details. Adapt to local conditions, make the product force value return again, and wake up Nantong elite crowd to elegant life of the good expectations.

Nantong Zhenru House remodeled five border home etiquette, home heart is lit, Z ONE⁺design arrangement, let home on the way to add a touch of warmth. The metallic welcoming facade in the lobby also interprets the luxurious and elegant life style of modern human settlements.

The overall lobby, in the form of a suspended ceiling inserted into the space, introduces a strong and unique structural language into the otherwise empty space. The large area of transverse and vertical metal bars continue the concise sense of the spatial structure lines, and the top-down overlapping structure echoes the wide and light volume of the space, creating a unique sense of ceremony in the opening of the space.

The artwork and flowers placed in the reception area make the families anxious; Custom art hanging picture [deposit],  the  use  of  hand-painted   mechanism  strokes,  the   pattern  carved  on  each  layer, highlighting the humanistic temperament of the sales office, three-dimensional clever lines in the picture, people have a strong visual impact, like water falling into the household, meaning goodluck.

The sense of time is largely based on external cues, and Tsuchi's designZ ONE⁺ is to make people forget the existence of time when they enter a space. The entire ceiling of the space is wrapped in wood, which forms a wrapping sensation with the same color carpet, giving a sense of comfort and relaxation. The dark leather sofa and throw pillow add a touch of calmness to the originally floating space.

Gradually, the Oriental style VIP room slowly came into view, here, each interval has its own different scale and personality, space and form will not only make the body obedient, but also make people obedient spirit. Therefore, when people are in the VIP space, they will unconsciously lower their voices, but this constraint is not aggressive, but a gentle and subtle promotion.

In the exhibition area of Nantong intangible cultural Heritage, China's Nantong blue printing and dyeing techniques and intangible cultural heritage blue printing are representatives of Nantong's local culture and folk art. Her footsteps should not only travel throughout the country, but also go to the world. A piece of simple,  elegant  blue  printed  fabric  products,  exudes  charming  charm,  is  also  Nantong  people's personality charm。

Custom white magnolia  lighting  "spring  tenderness,  full  of  branches", release a kind of elegant, calm and healing atmosphere, and show birth, tenacious upward vitality.

The design of the landscape sculpture in the hall is inspired by blue calico, extracts the classic patterns of floral fabrics, interprets them into artworks with contemporary design techniques, adopts composite materials, and engraphs the  patterns on each layer. It shows the effect of layers of books stacked up out of the sea of clouds, like a dream. Echoing the calendula candle light, the whole space is calm and quiet, without losing the luxurious texture of elegance.

Wind and moon Qingjiang night, mountains and rivers white clouds. Night falls, the moon is clear, the white clouds in the mountains are fluttering, listening to the murmuring river, a touch of peace and beauty  comes to my mind.


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