YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Ningbo Zhenhe Courtyard

East money landscape beautiful map, do not count the south of the city on the lake. As early as the tang dynasty, ningbo, which was called Ming zhou in ancient times, had carved the sun lake and the moon lake, which reflected each other and conveyed the ancient wisdom in urban planning since ancient times. Today, there is "minghu zhenhe garden", which retains the life style of ningbo old city living by water and extends the cultural axis of the eastern new district. With the elements of "sun and moon", the sun, the moon and the stars, heaven and earth are in harmony, and everything is filled with breath.

Louis kahn, an architectural poet, pursued the design spirit of "silence and light" all his life, and he emphasized that "architecture is spirit". The seamless design of ningbo zhenhe garden pays great attention to the collocation between nature and indoor light. At the same time, it combines the glass with strong modern elements and natural landscape, so that they can bring out the best in each other under the same sky. With the design language of "modern east", it depicts the nature of jiangnan, which is really interesting and exquisite. It is natural and beyond the rational fiction, giving the artistic temperament of "empty spirit".

The expression of mood is particularly important in Chinese culture, and the construction of gardens is based on artistic conception and nature. "a thousand miles of rivers and mountains" regards nature as the spirit of gardens.

Water, on behalf of the clean, can let the soul pure nature. Therefore, it is hoped that the ethereal environment of "water as the mood" can introduce the tranquil, extensive and metaphorical moonlight to express the more modest side of architecture and nature, and present the rationality and obscurity, the authenticity and purity of contemporary architecture through the three-layer progressive relationship of "material environment -- artistic conception -- mood". The expression of the waterscape releases the lightness and fusion of the building itself, and the "sun and moon" device floating on the water, integrating the essence of the sun and moon and the spirit of heaven and earth.

The closed and open rhythm of the combination of the virtual and the real runs through the whole space. The open space creates a connection with nature. Water, stone and trees become the most dynamic elements of the scene at this time, as if there is an eastern artistic conception of "flowers moving the wall, hills as Windows, just like a painting, living in quietness".

Architecture is composed of function and form, which are perfectly integrated to create a beautiful artistic conception that touches the heart. Reception area design, inspired by artistic philosophy and metaphor of the Chinese garden landscape, drew the water of the courtyard to under the roof, through twists and turns of waterscape, create natural joy stroll nest, present a "silent water chamber" peace and stability, is a quiet oasis, give spiritual habitat, passing through the peace and quiet of the soul.

The essence of architecture comes from the inner emotion and insight. "Architecture, solidified notes", sand table area design, pay attention to create rhythm and sense of order. Through the reception area waterscape corridor, came to the sand table area, the axis of the six doors to create a virtual, so that the transition of the space more natural, smart, between the feasible and expected, intervene in the space segment can live or swim. The appropriate shade makes the space more hazy, presenting the beauty of the gap in the eastern aesthetics between the lines, reflecting the beauty of the Chinese garden.

Chinese gardens emphasize on "borrowing skillfully from the source, and applying precisely to the body". Designers make full use of techniques such as borrowing from afar, borrowing from neighbors and borrowing from time to time in the negotiation area. The three-stage spatial layout allows the architectural structure to gradually enter a vague state and form a spatial dialogue between the transparent Spaces. The poetic expression of the east can be concealed to respond to the broad reach of modernism and present a calm and natural modern Oriental temperament.

Modern architecture is the expression of a rationalist world view, and the contemporary design thinking in China is not complete without the integration of eastern culture. The cabinet body that negotiates an area to stand erect and erect, become the wall body of false and real alternate with, the space is separated and ceaseless, linear design language builds a lightsome and clever posture for continuous space, let a space become faint and natural, endue free breath.

Soft ginger yellow and the geometrical design that has contemporary feeling are acted the role of face to hold pillow, for the composed atmosphere of whole space infuse light contemporary breath, hale do not break wen run again however.

Soft furnishings integrate artwork into the space. Each piece of art connects the Chinese contemporary charm conveyed in the design with the world's common values, endows the commercial space with a contemporary artistic atmosphere.

The aesthetic essence of contemporary architectural design is to find the balance between architecture and elements such as heaven, earth, mountain, water and forest through the dialectical principle. Designers here around the "smart because borrow, fine in the body appropriate" design spirit, through the rich layers of feeling of space composition, different ways of borrowing the mutual integration, to create "quiet, elegant, leisure" of the Oriental hazy beauty.

"The essence is in the body appropriate" to the design quality puts forward the extremely high request, the space feeling, the scale feeling, the soft outfit cloth, the color collocation, the illumination design and so on must accord with the design venation atmosphere to build. As the Swiss architect zumthor said, "every contact, every interface, every juncture exists to emphasize the serenity of the imagined work."

Humble SLATE texture tea table and delicate contemporary accessories form a contrast, various "round" shaped art installations, is the "day, month" miniature refining, open a round of natural dialogue of space and time.

Design is interlinked with music, literature, art, etc. "implied meaning of object" applies not only to literature, but also to design. Enter to VIP area and sign a contract room, the collocation of the sculpture and decorative painting that porch place stands, this day and month, light and shadow art expression in the space, beautiful design makes a person cheerful, aftertaste is endless.

The wall silk cloud image creates a warm and stable atmosphere for the distinguished guests in a warm way. The whole scene, from the water into the clouds, poetic life opened here.

Zhuangzi said, "heaven and earth have come into being with me; all things are one with me." The natural interest of design often comes from freedom, simplicity, tranquility, ethereal and so on. The design of zhenhe garden fully shows the infinite wisdom and faith, endowing the space with the free soul, which is the interpretation of the design of the seamless modern east.


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