YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Philippe Starck

Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes

Interiors Hotels France 2023-12-07

Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes offers an authentic and refined five-star hotel with 97 rooms and suites, an elegant Japanese-inspired Morimoto restaurant and bar, a spa with swimming pool and fitness area, and two conference rooms. It is a unique place that calls to the culturally curious as a tangible celebration of harmony, joy, elegance, and hospitality.

All Bordeaux residents are familiar with the sumptuous stone façade stretching across the 81, cours du Medoc. Built in 1871, the Hanappier and Calvet winery was extended ten years later by architect Charles Brun in the neo-Gothic style. This is the building as it appears today, with its thirteen crenellated bays framing the main entrance and a gable bearing the United Kingdom’s coat of arms set above the arched doorway - a nod to the city’s historic commercial links with the British Isles.

In 2018, the Pichet family entrusted the property to creator Philippe Starck, who, accompanied by Jean-Francois Le Gal (architecture firm Advento),renovated the historic facade and created a refined five-star hotel that extends it and houses an elegant Japanese inspired restaurant, a true link between past and future, West and East.

From the entrance with its immense pointed-arch glass door, opens up a diorama of Bordeaux and Japanese atmospheres. A surprisingly cosmopolitan place, where everything lives together and overlaps: the soft, earthy colors naturally derived from the elegant local stone and brick, the  modernity of the rough concrete reminiscent of the original building's warehouses, the deep carpets and rugs with their organic patterns, the sophistication of the Japanese art of living, the warm light diffused by the lampshades and lanterns that line the entire space as a unifying element.

The cellar is a tribute to the origins of the building, housing over 10,000 bottles, including prestigious Bordeaux wines alongside a curated international selection. The joyful, festive spirit of the Izakaya reigns here. Luminous heart of Mondrian Bordeaux Les Carmes, conceived as a natural continuation of the restaurant, the 200m2 tree-lined terrace, open and protected from the hustle and bustle of the city, can seat 70 diners.

Mondrian is more than a hotel: it’s a way of travel. Known for its groundbreaking design and progressive programming it is a“must”destination for locals or travelers. Mondrian is always at the heart of the most exciting cultural scenes in the world, serving up innovation and creativity for everyone. 


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