YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Endalt Arquitectes

Casa Del Music

Interiors Houses Spain 2023-03-09

Performing an intervention on an existing building is a complex exercise, especially if this intervention is required by a new user with new needs and new ways of understanding the use of this building. To the programmatic work necessary for the fitting of new functions is also added the mission of understanding the memory of the building, which is part of its soul and is always for Endalt Arquitectes study an element to preserve and value.

The house on which Endalt Arquitectes work in this project follows the typical scheme of the houses one ma from l'Horta de Valencia; a compact volume with a gabled roof followed by a rear extension with a flat roof, a corral and the pallissaat the end of it. 

To this longitudinal scheme, a reading is added in bands, leaving the rooms and closed spaces agglutinated in the dividing wall so that the central space is freed up, facilitating the passage of the cart and the animals through the house. The reading of this domestic longitudinal axis also has a second analysis as a sequential space, forming a set of concatenated spaces that, together with the intentions of any intervention in a historic building, represents the germ of the new project in the desire to assemble a new way of life in a house previously inhabited and lived in.

‏In this case, the new user required some uses derived from his profession, music and his teaching in the house, which made it necessary to clearly divide two sectors in the same building. These two zones are not only divided by their use, but above all by the degree of privacy. In this way, it was decided to separate a first more public area on both heights and another private one.

‏In the first differentiated band there is a classroom/studio where you can give individualized private classes and that is linked to the access area of the house and to a bathroom, so that the use of it is shared among the guests at the first band and the ground floor of the house. In this same entrance is the main staircase of the house that leads to the upper part, where we first find a large open space designed for the rehearsal of small chamber and piano groups. Therefore, the double-height space and the sloping roof are used, thus favoring more favorable acoustic conditions for interpretation.

‏‎The second part of the house is configured thanks to shared-use furniture elements that help to integrate rooms and act as connectors between the different uses of the house. This large shared room is directly linked to what is the heart of this type of housing, the corral.‏‎With the opening of large windows that overlook the patio with a porch that evokes the arbors of Mediterranean homes, the corral regains all its importance and the relationship of the day area with it is reinforced. The patio thus becomes the lung and the light of the house while renewing its function of recreation, leisure and nature.


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