YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Design Studio BYO

Metaverse Workpod

Interiors Commerce Seoul 2022-11-30

It can be said that the biggest change in office over the past two years due to the pandemic is the work environment and way. Most companies were flexible about switching to telecommuting. It is quite different from the previous time when he had to go to work at the office, such as choosing how to use a cafe or shared office as needed. As a result, cafes and shared offices are also transforming into optimized spaces that can work well to accommodate users' needs, and some companies have made great efforts to create a new working environment. 

Conversely,  The design studio is BYO now deeply concerned about an efficient office that is more comfortable and can focus more on work than at home. It was to create a room for each person as a place where space control using IOT (Internet of Things) and equipment that could increase the efficiency of work were arranged, which was easy to access, used 24 hours without permission. 

The project's main purpose is to ensure personal privacy, provide a comfortable and focused space, and arrange open meeting spaces and hidden rest areas to make them want to come to the office. This space studio participated in is an offline service space of the metaverse virtual office called "SOMA," a new work environment of Zigbang. All employees of Zigbang go to work by metaverse "SOMA" and work remotely online. During online remote work, sometimes when tasks requiring high concentration without interference from anyone or when members need emotional communication, they use the "offline service space." Therefore, the Design Studio BYO designed a one-person work space that can be used by individuals to provide a more comfortable and pleasant environment for them to focus on remote work, and they called this space "SOMAPOD" which combines all the facilities necessary for work.

"SOMAPOD" means a small device that can be freely accessed and accessed at any time. "SOMAPOD" is a space used by one person, and noise, illumination, and ventilation systems have become the most important factors to work in this space for a long time. Each space consists of two layers of walls and two layers of ceilings to block noise. In addition, an illumination control system that can be directly controlled by the user was applied to adjust the color and brightness of the light they liked, and ventilation and air supply air conditioning facilities were placed in each room. 

Here, Design Studio BYO have come to think about whether a closed space that is blocked on all sides is a well-concentrated space. The work environment in a closed space rather obscures concentration and cannot stay in the space for a long time. If you visit many shared office spaces, you can see plants placed in each space where your eyes stay with an open view. 


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