YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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5 Solidos

J Balvin House

Houses Villas Colombia 2021-01-05

       Reggae star J Balvin, born in Latin America, has designed a dreamy, contemplative home in his native Llanogrande, Colombia, with the help of Studio 5 Solidos.
       A star wild on the outside but extremely docile on the inside, he also yearned for the quiet countryside and tried to open his artistic sleeves. He posed elegantly at the Coachella music festival, delighting fans with his mesmerizing thunder & Ghost shots and fearless fashion sense. His sense of style ranges from multicolored streetwear to haute couture.
       After a trip to Japan, J Balvin came back determined to recreate a space that felt completely tranquil, and wanted to be inhabit the house more like a sanctuary rather than a home. The house was initially planned as a reform of an existing home, which is why the original layout was left untouched. Surprisingly, J Balvin eschures dazzling drama and prismatic ornality in favor of minimalist simplicity and Japanese-influenced decor. The country resort, 30 minutes from the city, is a desirable place in the poetry of simplicity.
       J Balvin said he would not put anything from his art career in the mansion. Perhaps trying to find an ideal escape space in your home. Moreover, he did not put art here, because he believed that it was art itself. Vases, plants, pottery, potted plants, trees, porch, terraces, and the Paz and Felicidad golden retriever next to the swimming pool. The black wood and bonsai trees were deeply influenced by Japanese designs.
       Composed of two perpendicular volumes, which where opened up by a tall, imposing pitched roof, the house was cut across by naturally illuminated wood corridor. As the project progressed and became more ambitious, the entire outdoor layout was proposed and added to the construction as a second phase. The design concept was purposed as an ode to Japanese simplicity juxtaposed with Scandinavian elegance.
       Light and materiality constitute essential themes that work together with balance and poise, having rigorous and detailed applications throughout the house.Furniture aesthetic is honest, simple and carefully curated. The entire space has a sense of coherence and balance. The same theme is translated onto every detail of the house, creating a dialogue in every gesture and use of the space, details are meant to create a moments of awe.
       Architecture, music, fashion -- they are all forms of expression. Speaking of J Balvin's own place, he said he would definitely take a "less is more" approach and that the house should be a place where the soul can rest. He tried to create places to satisfy his soul, not his ego.
       J Balvin talks about choosing Studio 5 Solidos, an architecture firm to help him achieve everything, because he loves their youthful spirit and passion. Latin Americans have a taste for beauty. They understand the meaning of lifestyle. This echoes his long campaign to promote Colombian art and Latin culture around the world.

Project Information
Architecture Company: Studio 5 Solidos
Project Location: Colombia
Project Date: 2019
Project Style: Minimalist Japanese Style
Photography:Mateo Soto, Anita Calero


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