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YEN London | 宁静精致的日式餐厅

        Yen是一家精致的日式餐厅,专门提供手工制作的荞麦面,在每次服务之前都新鲜制作,并提供寿司,生鱼片,天妇罗,野and菜等传统日本料理。位于190 Strand的新豪华开发项目内,餐厅在带户外座位的夹层区设有鸡尾酒吧,开放式厨房和寿司柜台以及主餐厅内的私人客房。
      Yen is a fine-dining Japanese restaurant specialising in hand-made Soba (buckwheat) noodles, prepared fresh before every service, served along sushi, sashimi, tempura, robata and other traditional Japanese dishes. Located within the new luxurious development of 190 Strand, the restaurant hosts a cocktail bar in the mezzanine area with outside seating, has an open kitchen and a sushi counter, and a private room within the main restaurant.        Yen于2000年首次在巴黎圣日耳曼德佩的时尚街区推出。这家餐厅被米其林指南推荐,并以其出色的食物闻名于世。在法国取得成功之后,它现在在伦敦开业,目的是为这座首都带来同样的特色美食。Yen餐厅是Onward Holdings Co. Ltd.的一部分,Onward Holdings Co. Ltd.是日本最大的时装公司之一,建于20世纪20年代,在东京证券市场上市。
      Yen was first launched in Paris in the fashionable neighborhood of Saint-Germain-de-Pres, in 2000. The restaurant is recommended in the Michelin Guide and is highly renowned in the city for its outstanding food. Following its success in France, it now opens in London with the aim of bringing the same exceptional cuisine to this capital city.Yen restaurant is part of Onward Holdings Co. Ltd., one of the largest fashion houses in Japan establishd in the 1920’s and listed in the Tokyo Stock Market.         YEN London由当地的实践Sybarite设计,唤起了宁静的竹林的感觉。业主方Onward Holdings的设计简报要求拥有一个融合了日本材质,设计线索和施工技术的内饰。Sybarite联合创始人Simon Mitchell说:“我们想创造一个触发情绪反应的空间,如思考,停留,冷静,休息。
      YEN London was designed by local practice Sybarite to evoke the feeling of a tranquil bamboo forest.The design brief set by Onward Holdings called for an interior that embraced Japanese materiality, design cues and construction techniques."We wanted to create a space that triggered an emotional response such as reflection, pause, calm, rest," Sybarite co-founder Simon Mitchell said.         设计中心围绕木材“树木景观”结构,由不同厚度和色调的枫木板组成,围绕柱子和天花板排列,模仿树冠。餐厅柔和的调色板灵感来自竹子,包括巧克力棕色天花板,柔软的绿色天鹅绒内饰和灰色的水磨石地板。
      The design centres around a timber "treescape" structure made up of varying thicknesses and tones of maple wood planks arranged around columns and across the ceiling to mimic a tree canopy.The restaurant's subdued colour palette was inspired by bamboo and includes chocolate brown ceilings, soft green velvet upholstery and grey terrazzo flooring.         设计师希望在空间之间创造一种转移感,这是通过楼梯实现的。 一个漂浮的木楼梯将入口和酒吧连接到下面的主餐厅,楼梯的每一个木质部分都由隐藏的钢结构支撑,由一块枫木雕刻而成
      Designer wanted to create a sense of transfer between spaces, and this is achieved with the staircase。A floating timber staircase connects the entrance and bar to the main dining floor below.Each timber section of the staircase, which is supported by a concealed steel structure, was carved from a single block of maple timber.         另外在私人用餐空间中,由Bolon的黑色亚麻饰边制成的地板被设计成对传统日本榻榻米垫子的现代感。
       Also in the private dining space, a floor made from Bolon's woven vinyl flooring with black runner trims is designed as a modern and hardwearing take on traditional Japanese tatami matting.


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