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Yabu Pushelberg作品 | Z Bar,芝加哥迷人的酒吧

       Z Bar酒店位于芝加哥半岛酒店的六楼,致力于为芝加哥人提供一个时髦的新露台休息室,于6月18日开业。偶像设计大师Yabu Pushelberg重新设计了Z Bar,提供来自芝加哥和全球各地无与伦比的风味,景点和音乐。
       Located on the sixth floor of the Chicago Peninsula Hotel, the Z Bar Hotel is dedicated to providing Chicagoans with a stylish new terrace lounge, which opens on June 18. Idol designer Yabu Pushelberg redesigned the Z Bar to provide unparalleled flavors, attractions and music from Chicago and around the world.         Z Bar以2002年开始担任半岛首位女性总经理Maria Zec命名,共131个座位的现代空间配备了季节性露台,汇集了迷人的概念,熟练的行业领导者和专家主持技术。大都会风格营造出别致而温馨的氛围。真正让这个酒吧与众不同的是它对细节的关注和对繁荣的调情。
       Z Bar was named Maria Zec, the first female general manager of the peninsula in 2002, with a total of 131 seats in the modern space equipped with seasonal terraces, bringing together fascinating concepts, skilled industry leaders and experts to host technology. The metropolis style creates a unique and warm atmosphere. What really makes this bar different is its attention to detail and flirtation with prosperity.        酒吧由一系列休息室组成,每个休息室都有自己的个性,旨在让顾客进一步探索内部空间。这间酒吧采用精致的纹理,大胆的图案和令人回味的艺术性设计,是餐饮和文化活动的理想目的地。风景秀丽的壁画,戏剧性的天窗,落地窗和哈巴狗的画作相结合,营造出视觉盛宴。
      The bar consists of a series of lounges, each with its own personality, designed to allow customers to further explore the interior space. This bar, with its exquisite texture, bold design and memorable artistic design, is an ideal destination for catering and cultural activities. The beautiful frescoes, the dramatic skylights, the French windows and the pictures of the pug make a visual feast.


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