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Yabu Pushelberg 作品 | Las Alcobas Napa Valley,葡萄酒之乡最具吸引力的酒店之一

       Las Alcobas豪华精选酒店位于北加州知名的酒乡Napa Valley,坐落在迷人而精致的St. Helena社区Beringer Vineyard葡萄园旁。是葡萄酒之乡最具吸引力的酒店之一,享有宁静的景致,俯瞰着广阔的葡萄园。
      The Las Alcobas Luxury Collection is located in Napa Valley, a well-known wine country in Northern California. It’s nestled next to the Beringer Vineyard in the charming and sophisticated community of St. Helena. Positioned as one of the most alluring hotels in wine country, it offers tranquil views overlooking the expanse of the vineyards.        这家拥有68间客房的精品酒店是Las Alcobas Mexico City的姐妹酒店,也是全球第二家Las Alcobas品牌的酒店(属于Starwood集团下的Luxury Collection品牌),和第一家墨西哥Las Alcobas一样,都是由著名设计大师Yabu Pushelberg设计。
      The 68-room boutique hotel, sister property to Las Alcobas Mexico City. It is also the second Las Alcobas brand hotel (under the Luxury Collection brand of the Starwood Group), and like the first Las Alcobas in Mexico, designed by the famous designer Yabu Pushelberg.

      “我们设计的酒店感觉像家一样,拥有独特的设施和平易近人的服务,将为我们的客人创造持久的印象,他们会觉得他们离开时成为我们家庭的一部分。这遵循品牌的“sobremesa”理念,这意味着饭后一起生活,以及家人和朋友的互动,创造出被认可和包容的温暖和感觉。总体而言,这种体验让人愉悦,并创造了珍贵的记忆。“--Las Alcobas品牌的创始人
      “We designed a hotel that feels like home with unique amenities and approachable service that will create lasting impressions with our guests who will feel they became part of our family when they leave. This follows the brand’s philosophy of “sobremesa” which means staying together after a meal, and the interaction of family and friends that creates the warmth and feeling of being recognized and included. Overall, an experience that fills one with delight and creates a cherished memory.”         Las Alcobas Napa Valley占地3英亩,其中心是历史悠久的Acacia House,1905年前格鲁吉亚风格的住宅,经过全面修复,现在设有新的Acacia House餐厅,6间客房和一间小型会议室。 Las Alcobas背后的理念是创建一个酒店,客人可以在华丽的环境中享受无与伦比的景色,被圣海伦娜和纳帕谷温暖和威严所拥抱。
      The property is spread over three acres with the centerpiece being the historic Acacia House, a 1905 former Georgian-style residence that has been fully restored and now houses the new Acacia House restaurant, six guest rooms and a small boardroom. “The idea behind Las Alcobas was to create a hotel where guests would enjoy unrivaled views in a gorgeous setting, embraced by the warmth and majesty of St. Helena and Napa Valley.”        酒店的大部分客房和套房均设有壁炉装饰的户外露台,其中10间设有带户外浸泡浴缸的私人阳台。由Yabu Pushelberg设计的诱人,宁静和华丽的室内设计配有定制家具,超大的spa式浴室配有浸泡浴缸和淋浴,石雕水槽和美丽的大理石。
Most of the hotel’s guestrooms and suites, feature fireplace-adorned outdoor terraces including ten with outdoor soaking tubs situated on private balconies. Seductive, peaceful and splendid interiors designed by international design firm Yabu Pushelberg are appointed with custom furniture, and oversized, spa-like bathrooms with soaking tubs and showers, stone carved sinks and beautiful marble throughout.

      The light, airy guestrooms feature beds with linen-upholstered headboards flanked by custom bedside tables. Clean and modern finishes in natural tones with striking contrasts between the different areas of the room are enhanced by wood floors rolled up and integrated into the walls. The use of warm, organic materials like oak, completes the fresh, relaxing feel of the interiors. Special in-room amenities such as handmade soaps made with local wine and unique “alebrijes” (Mexican folk art sculptures of fantastical creatures) handcrafted in Mexico City, exemplify some of the thoughtful touches.


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