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Yabu Pushelberg作品 | Arbor香港餐厅,精致波西米亚风格

       由偶像设计师Yabu Pushelberg倾力打造的Arbor餐厅于2018年4月在香港中环开幕,家具同样出自他们手笔,配搭工艺品及手作。
      The Arbor restaurant, created by idol designer Yabu Pushelberg, opened in Central Hong Kong in April 2018. The furniture is also from their handwriting, with crafts and handcrafts.
       Inspired by nature's serenity, Arbor imagines Arbor as a charming forest home for poets and chefs, aiming to create a fascinating space that soothes souls and gets rid of urban life.  
      The interior is divided into a restaurant and bar area. The restaurant illuminates the restaurant with large floor-to-ceiling windows, with a view of the city, while the floor and ceiling are decorated in light oak, and the entire furniture can be seen in fresh blue-green and green. On the other hand, the bar is pink in the millennium, with luxurious metallic colours and solemn arches.
      In a fast-paced Hong Kong hustle and bustle, Arbor offers a casual haven, exquisite environment and bohemian leisure venues, a home away from home offering fine dining, drinks, business meetings and many of life. Celebrations.


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