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Workshop APD作品 | Cabot Calm Beach House

       这座宁静的海滨别墅位于马萨诸塞州的楠塔基特,于2013年由Workshop APD设计。6,000sqs非常宽敞; 大窗户提供了很多自然光线,使其明亮,开放和不真实。平衡,和谐与和平是海滩房屋所具有的冷静气氛的主要元素。强调的是亮度和一切以白色完成,与一些蓝色或绿色的元素,海洋的颜色混合在一起。只是灵魂放松和宁静的完美结合。客厅非常适合休闲聚会,朋友和家人; 被巨大的窗户包围,并在美丽的海洋景观。卧室舒适宽敞,浴室采用简洁的风格,配以白色大理石和玻璃。这座房子是一种天堂,它的光度和清晰度是不真实的。一定要检查一下,你会惊讶它有多美丽。
      This peaceful beach house is situated in Nantucket, Massachusetts and it was designed in 2013 by Workshop APD. It is very spacious with its 6,000sqs; large windows provide a lot of natural light, making it bright, open and unreal. Balance, harmony and peace are the main elements along with the atmosphere of calmness that beach houses have. Emphasize is on the brightness and everything done in white colour, mixed with some elements of blue or green, the colours of the sea. Just the perfect combination for relaxation and serenity of the soul. The living room is great for casual hangouts, friends and family; surrounded with huge windows and view at the beautiful ocean. The bedrooms are comfortable and spacious, and the bathroom is done in simple style, with white marble and glass. This house is a some kind of heaven, unreal in its luminosity and clarity. Make sure to check it out, you will be amazed how beautiful is it.


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