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Workshop APD作品 | 88 – 90 Lex

       88&90列克星敦位于曼哈顿中心,将战前辉煌与现代主义视野相结合,提供两全其美的体验。由设计公司Workshop APD改造而成,这些1至4间卧室的住宅拥有阁楼般的布局,高顶天花板和超大窗户,厨房和由优质木制品和大胆石材组成的浴室,以及最先进的家电和智能家居系统。
      Located in the heart of Manhattan, the 88-90lexington combines pre-war glory with modernist vision to provide an all-in-one experience. By the design company Workshop APD transformation, these 1 to 4 bedrooms house have attic layout, high ceilings and large Windows, kitchen and made of high quality wood products and bold stone bathroom, as well as the most advanced appliances and smart home system.


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