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Universal Design作品 | J&M Davidson at Mount Street

        英国的奢侈皮具和成衣品牌J&M Davidson委托Universal Design 工作室设计位于Mount山街的精品店。
        The British luxury leather goods and ready-to-wear label J&M Davidson commissioned Universal Design Studio to design their boutique located on Mount Street, Mayfair.        该项目将品牌的关键价值与其位置相结合,通过对质量和工艺的承诺,创造浪漫和发现的感觉。 “现代奢华”是客户简介中的一个关键主题,它为商店创造了一种清新现代的外观,同时利用品牌的永恒低调的设计语言特征。
        The project unites the brands key values with its location creating a sense of romance and discovery through a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. ‘Modern luxury’ was a key theme in the client’s brief which led to the creation of a fresh and contemporary look for the store whilst using the timeless and understated design language characteristic for the brand.         在梅费尔山路上的位置是环球的一个重要灵感。材料调色板参考建筑立面的陶土色调,定制家具的柔和曲线与室外细节相呼应。
        The location on Mount Street in Mayfair was a key inspiration for Universal. The material palette references the terracotta tones of the building façade and the soft curves of bespoke furniture echo the exterior detailing.         通过创造定制的制作元素和将黄铜和皮革等传统材料与铸造混凝土和玻璃并列的材料调色板,探索品牌对工艺,品质和对细节的关注。
        The brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, quality and attention to detail is explored through the creation of bespoke crafted elements and a material palette that juxtaposes traditional materials such as brass and leather with cast concrete and glass.         所选天然饰面的触感反映了品牌对制作高品质材料的兴趣。雕刻的悬臂式楼梯,踏板采用坚固的水磨石铺设,皮革包裹的扶手旁边摆放着手工制作的赤陶陶瓷和铸造玻璃立柱。基座的软和雕塑形式参考了建筑物外观的细节。轻柔的材料调色板为产品创造了一个精致的背景。
        The tactility of the chosen natural finishes reflects the brand’s interest in crafted quality materials. A Sculptural cantilevered staircase with treads cast in solid terrazzo and a leather-wrapped handrail sit alongside hand-made display plinths in terracotta and cast glass. Soft and sculptural forms of the plinths reference the detailing of the building exterior. A light and soft material palette creates a delicate backdrop for the product.


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