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Tulum作品 | IK Lab art gallery in Tulum,IK实验室画廊

      The great-grandson of art collector Peggy Guggenheim opened a gallery in an eco-resort in Tulum, where wavy cement walls and undulating vines provide an unusual backdrop for artwork.
       该项目是在古根海姆家族和图卢姆当地的后裔圣地亚哥Rumney Guggenheim建议该度假村的创始人和设计师Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel开设艺术画廊的时候推出的。
      The project was launched when the founder and designer of the resort, Jorge Eduardo Neira Sterkel, opened an art gallery in Rumney Guggenheim, a descendant of the Guggenheim family and Tulum locals.
      Guggenheim’s proposal continues the legacy of his ancestors: his great-grandmother Peggy is a legendary American art dealer and a niece of Solomon R Guggenheim, a wealthy American businessman and philanthropist behind the museum. Including Frank Lloyd Wright's spiral building in New York.
       Pablo Escobar酒店的图伦大厦成为充满艺术气息的精品酒店高于地面至周围树冠的高度,画廊采用水泥和当地采购的木材建造。它的有机形式远离了通常与艺术画廊相关的传统“白盒子”。
      Tulum Tower at Pablo Escobar becomes an Art Boutique HotelAbove the ground to the height of the surrounding canopy, the gallery uses cement and locally sourced timber. Its organic form is far from the traditional "white box" that is usually associated with art galleries.
      The branches provide structure for uneven canopies covering the exhibition space. The smaller struts are arranged in a diagonal pattern groove between the two, with a narrow gap allowing light to pass through. More light passes through the multiple circular windows and penetrates the wall in different shapes and sizes.
       Bejuco木材 - 一种当地的藤蔓植物 - 以波浪形式铺设在地板上,并与部分水泥一起打碎,这些水泥在墙壁前像波浪一样弯曲。其中之一就像攀岩墙一样设计,具有形成台阶的月形开口和用于支撑的绳索。
      Bejuco timber - a local vine plant - is laid on the floor in waves and broken together with part of the cement, which is curved like a wave in front of the wall. One of them was designed like a climbing wall, with a stepped moon-shaped opening and a rope for support.
      Among them, the once-infamous baroness Pablo Escobar has become an art-housed boutique hotel. A Gaudi-style tree house has been built overlooking the tropical woodland.


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