Traditional Melbourne house,传统联邦风格的小屋 _ 印际


Traditional Melbourne house,传统联邦风格的小屋

      Ritz & Ghougassian, the architectural studio, used the smallest material palette to extend the traditional Melbourne house, exposing the interior and exterior of the masonry wall.
       Prahran郊区的酒店位于海布利格罗夫(Highbury Grove) - 一条林立着传统联邦风格的小屋的街道上,周围环绕着绿树成荫的花园。
      The Prahran suburban hotel is located on the street in Highbury Grove - a traditional Federal-style cottage surrounded by a tree-lined garden.
      A pair of bedrooms in existing homes were modernized by replacing their decaying structures with spotted plastic floors and introducing new furnaces in place of neglected fireplaces. A narrow open corridor that extends through the bedroom opens into a bright, open-plan living space with patio gardens at both ends and native plants including Australian tree ferns.
      The Ritz & Ghougassian minimal cafe interior with concrete and terrazzo furniture opens on the sides of the courtyard around these rooms are the lower walls, providing a framed view of the adjacent trees. Polished concrete floors provide the foundation for masonry structures. The exposed steel lintel extends along the bottom and top of the wall, expressing the building's supporting frame.


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