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Tom Dixon作品 | Greenwich半岛,Upper Riverside俱乐部

       一系列住客专享的设施遍布5座大楼,当中包括可媲美酒店装饰的大堂、私人影院、游戏室,营造出一种轻松惬意的会员俱乐部气氛。俱乐部中的特色楼层Renew是由Tom Dixon在Upper Riverside设计的全新水疗体验空间。
     A range of guest-only facilities are located in 5 buildings, including a lobby that rivals the hotel's décor, a private cinema, and a game room to create a relaxed club atmosphere. The featured floor in the club, Renew, is a new spa experience space designed by Tom Dixon at Upper Riverside.       俱乐部位于2号楼,展示了Tom Dixon在住宅环境中的室内设计首次亮相。它包括一个游泳池,蒸汽浴室,两个最先进的健身房和一个锻炼的露台,或坐下来放松,冥想和反思,同时欣赏伦敦天际线的远景。
     The club is located in Building 2 and showcases the debut of Tom Dixon's interior design in a residential setting. It includes a swimming pool, steam room, two state-of-the-art gymnasiums and a workout terrace, or sit back and relax, meditate and reflect while enjoying the vista of the London skyline.       “随着人们对健康的日益重视,我想创造一个能够增强居民日常生活方式的空间,并激励他们实现目标并感受到最佳状态,更新楼层是一个轻松的空间,居民可以与志同道合的人会面,在社区内创建一个健康社区。”-Tom Dixon
     “As people pay more and more attention to health, I want to create a space that enhances the way people live their daily lives, and motivate them to achieve their goals and feel the best. Renewing the floor is a relaxing space where residents can meet like-minded people. , create a healthy community within the community." -Tom Dixon


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