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Tjip作品 | Zeedijk,少即是多的立体感

     TJIP is a small apartment located in one of Amsterdam's oldest streets, nestled in a bustling neighbourhood surrounded by dining and shopping.        设计师运用最单一的材料,通过及其简单的装饰和色调,在借助光线来扩大空间感。客厅是黑色为主的简约设计,表达光影一般的效果,为极具画面感的立体空间。
      Designers use the simplest materials, through their simple decoration and color to enhance the sense of space with light. The living room is a simple design based on black, which expresses the general effect of light and shadow, and is a three-dimensional space with a sense of picture.        开放式的厨房呈一字型,依“少即是多”的设计黄金法则,削减一切不必要的装饰,只留下功能性的家具再无其他。
      The open kitchen is a one-word design. According to the golden rule of “less is more”, it cuts all unnecessary decorations, leaving only functional furniture and nothing else.


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