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Thisispaper作品 | A Place, located in Warsaw

       这个地方是位于波兰华沙的最小空间,由Thisispaper设计。 这个工作室为想要以非常规方式发现波兰首都的人创造了可租用的空间。 室内设计本着这本纸的精神,并配备了我们团队精心挑选的各种物品。 抵达后,每位客人都会找到一份由Thisispaper独家进口的日本有机茶。 您还可以尝试从华沙新鲜烘焙的咖啡。 
     A-PLACE is a minimal space located in Warsaw, Poland, designed by Thisispaper. Thisispaper Studio created a space available for rent to anyone who would like to discover the capital of Poland in an unconventional way. The interior is designed in the spirit of Thisispaper and equipped with a wide range of objects hand picked by our team. Upon arrival, every guest will find a serving of Japanese organic tea, imported to Poland exclusively by Thisispaper. You can also try freshly roasted coffee from Warsaw.        对于所有发烧友,配备了70年代这个地方的完整音响系统,包括留声机,放大器,调谐器和选定的乙烯基。 Thisispaper从头开始设计了这个地方,并以我们对纯正,天然材料(如木材,钢铁,陶瓷和亚麻)的热爱为指导。 每个表面,物体和颜色与他们的设计理念是一致的,通过注重形式的功能和纯度来创造和谐。
      For all audiophiles, A—PLACE is equipped with a complete sound system from the ‘70s, including a gramophone, an amplifier, a tuner and selected vinyls. Thisispaper designed A–PLACE from scratch, guided by our love for honest, natural materials, such as wood, steel, ceramics and linen. Every surface, objects and colors are consistent with their design philosophy, which creates harmony by focusing on the function and purity of form.


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