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Templeton新作 | Merriwee,永恒的新时代魅力

      Retaining the optimistic facade and the generosity of the original dwelling, Templeton has added to the simple rectilinear form while exploring the decorative possibilities of brick construction commonly found in the architecture of the Art Deco movement.        这个概念是由手工砖的形式和质感驱动的。砖块图案的重复,产生了一个具有永恒魅力的新时代品质感。。
      The concept is driven by the format and tactile quality of the handmade bricks. The repetition of the brick pattern produces a new contemporary entity with timeless appeal.        柔和的中性色调和内部细节符合建筑理念,提供视觉和情感上的平静。 整个项目在材料、色调、灯光和体验感方面始终保持一致。
      The soft, neutral palette and the detail of the interior are in keeping with the architectural concept, providing visual and emotional calm. The project remains consistent throughout in terms of generosity, palette, light, and happiness.


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