Templeton新作 | Matilda,夯土与自然和谐的共生 _ 印际


Templeton新作 | Matilda,夯土与自然和谐的共生

      In the seemingly remote, granite hills of this northeast Victorian farm, Templeton was commissioned to create a weekend getaway.The house is situated on the same site that our client spent his childhood and is therefore layered with sentiment.        旧的小屋被拆除,取而代之的是一个新的住宅,它延伸出去与远处的小溪平行,通过对每条曲线上的树木的欣赏来捕捉每一个弯道的景色。
      The old cottage was removed and replaced with a new dwelling that stretches out, parallel with the creek beyond, capturing views of each bend through an appreciation of the trees that line each curve.        考虑到该地区天气的极端性质,夯土因其令人难以置信的热质和自然之美而被选中。这种材料真实温暖,而且非常有深度,将别墅融入到了自然界中,与自然和谐共生。
      Given the extreme nature of the weather in the area, rammed earth was selected for its incredible thermal mass and natural beauty.The honest warmth of the material, and the depth of its construction, grounded the project into the natural contours of the land creating a sunken courtyard to the east.


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