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Tatiana Khoroshevy作品 | 莫斯科公寓

      公寓位于莫斯科市中心的DmitryTatiana Khoroshevykh项目
      Apartment in the center of Moscow on the project of Dmitry and Tatiana Khoroshevykh         建筑师DmitryTatiana Khoroshevy根据伟大的Andrea Palladio的原则在莫斯科市中心设计了一套公寓。
      Architects Dmitry and Tatiana Khoroshevy designed an apartment in the center of Moscow, based on the principles of the great Andrea Palladio.
      Modern apartment with interesting wall decoration in Moscow
      这间位于莫斯科市中心的现代化公寓采用有趣的墙面装饰设计 - 每间客房均拥有不同寻常的墙壁。 因此,在起居室里,它是意大利品牌WallDeco的黑色壁纸,看起来像一种面料。 在卧室里,床头板上方的墙壁装饰着独特的复古屏风,由比利时古董店的设计师们设计。 壁纸甚至在儿童的浴室和学习。 此外,树木和鸟类的主题在印刷品和装饰中清晰可见,这使得这个家更加难忘。
      Design of this modern apartment in the center of Moscow is built on interesting wall decoration C each room has an unusual accent wall. So, in the living room it is a dark wallpaper of the Italian brand Wall & Deco, that look like a fabric. In the bedroom, the wall above the headboard is decorated with a unique vintage screen, found by designers in an antique shop in Belgium. Wallpaper is even in the children’s bathroom and study. In addition, the theme of trees and birds is clearly visible in prints and decor, which makes this home even more memorable.


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