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Sundling Kickén新作 | A Perfectly Accessorised,百年魅力的新建筑

       当你走进房地产开发商Don Capoccia及其丈夫Tommie Pegues在纽约市曼哈顿NoHo区的Great Jones街的公寓时,你可能没有意识到他们的公寓横跨纽约市的两座建筑物。
      As you walk into the real estate developer Don Capoccia and his husband Tommie Pegues at the Great Jones Street apartment in the NoHo district of Manhattan, you may not realize that their apartment spans two buildings in New York City.
      After two years of renovation and construction is seamless, once the structural work is carried out, the challenge is to combine two very different spaces into one. The existing buildings reflect a century of charm and new architecture, and their nature is modern.
      The goal is to bring the old apartment back to the ground, so when the two are connected, they can maintain a sense of unity; call the old one and connect it to the new one.
      One of the main clues of the luxuriously decorated materials that connect the apartment space is the beautiful and rare finishes of the neat Jordan limestone used on the floors and walls of the main bathroom; a particularly refined Moroccan ceiling; limestone floors.
      The architect incorporates the original elements of the old architectural frame, such as the wooden details on the existing arched windows, and the Venetian stone casings on all doors. Within the powerful architectural framework, it is a well-balanced balance of gestures or surprises.


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