Studio Tate作品 |  PDG MELBOURNE HEAD OFFICE,精品办公室 _ 印际


Studio Tate作品 |  PDG MELBOURNE HEAD OFFICE,精品办公室

       现代工作生活的需求并没有减少的迹象,然而Studio Tate具有前瞻性的雇主越来越多地期望工作场所设计能够在员工福利方面发挥积极作用,同时提高生产力并加强品牌定位和公司价值。
      Demand for modern work life has not diminished, but Studio Tate's forward-looking employers increasingly expect workplace design to play an active role in employee benefits while increasing productivity and strengthening brand positioning and company value.
      This 950-square-meter project is located in a unique hexagonal building that was originally home to Australia’s iconic airline Ansett, which aims to improve internal communication and productivity through smart design and promote the majority of workplaces. Unusual.
      For a cross-functional team consisting of different skills, each team plays an important role in the PDG project, so designing for collaboration and efficient team collaboration is crucial.
      The corners of the veneer veneer corridor are perfectly integrated with the black metal inserts, which contrasts sharply with the straight lines of the floor slabs and form a clear circular path around the working floor, forming numerous conference rooms and public rest spaces that encourage spontaneous collaboration.
      This method of consideration is not specific to the front end of houses and facilities, it has a powder coating in the employee's work area, recessed fingers pull contrasting colors and perforated metal plate ceilings, etc., and chooses stratification based on its influence and feel. Texture.


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