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Studio Tate作品 |  Middletown,梦幻咖啡厅

       通过与业主Studio Tate和Pop&Pac之间的密切创造性合作,Middletown的每一个元素都得到了认真的考虑。兰迪和瓦尔决定从第一天开始就让这些工作室参与其中,他们的理念是创造一个真正全面的体验,都应该以同样的品牌故事为基础。
      Through close and creative cooperation with owners, Studio Tate and Pop & Pac, every element of Middletown has been seriously considered. Randy and Vale decided to involve these studios from the very first day. Their idea is to create a truly comprehensive experience that should be based on the same brand story.
In the early brand promotion phase of the project, beautiful, refined, humble and achievable vocabulary became recurring themes, and it was decided that if the cafe were alone, it might be like Kate Middleton. Middleton found its story.
       “我们竭尽全力确保Middletown的每一个元素都以同样的故事为基础,”Pop&Pac的David&Morris说道,“这种内部结构与图形之间的全面合作已经带来了我们认为是酒店原创的品牌效果。 ”。
      “We did our best to ensure that every element of Middletown was based on the same story,” said Pop & Pac’s David & Morris. “This full cooperation between internal structure and graphics has brought about the brand effect that we believe is the originality of the hotel.” .
      The interior decorates the pale plywood surface and white washed walls of the classic Melbourne Cafe to maintain a modern but refined look.
      When you first enter the light filled cafe, you will embark on a walk and meet the crown jewels. This is a custom terrazzo table top with subtle brass details. It features a pendant from Spain, some of Australia's first.


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