Studio Tate作品 |  Melburnian II Melbourne,墨尔本 _ 印际


Studio Tate作品 |  Melburnian II Melbourne,墨尔本

       Melburnian II是另一个完整的翻新一座小型住宅公寓同样的复合体,Studio Tate非常成功为同一客户提供复式住宅。承认好事可以经常进来小包装,我们借来的一个珠宝盒的想法创造一个紧凑和神话般的空间充满了许多特殊的元素。
      Melburnian II is another complete refurbishment of the same complex of a small residential apartment. Studio Tate has been very successful in providing a duplex residence for the same customer. Admitting that good things can often come in small packages, the idea that we borrowed a jewelry box creates a compact and fabulous space filled with many special elements.
      Opening a jewelry box is always a moment of discovery (or rediscovery), which is the same element of infatuation that infuses the entire home, hiding the surface of many hidden surprise apartments.
      The gem itself is an island bench marble that is slanted in a grey kitchen. The diamond shape gives it a jewel-like feel. Jewelry box locks and silver details hinges are also found in the design of the method, sparkling metal features.



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