Studio Tate作品 |  Green Gables Mt Martha,典雅风格住宅 _ 印际


Studio Tate作品 |  Green Gables Mt Martha,典雅风格住宅

       Studio Tate酒店完全翻新并修复了马塔山的这座遗产都铎风格的海滨别墅。随着未来计划在同一座地块上增建一座现代住宅,我们希望加强这座山顶历史建筑的标志性身份及其令人惊叹的位置。
      Studio Tate completely refurbished and restored this heritage Tudor style beach house in Mount Maa. With the plan to build a modern house on the same site in the future, we hope to strengthen the iconic status of this hilltop historical building and its amazing location.
      The overall concept of coastal texture was used to shape the look and feel of this home, with white, nude and grey shades referencing bleached corals and sand, while crispy finishes and soft furniture echoed the Victorian waterfront climate.
      Entertainment is very important to our customers, which has a major impact on the design. After the completion of the new house, it is also important to use sturdy materials, as this house will become a guest room.
       进入房子后,楼梯空间上方的木制圆顶天花板突出了这栋住宅的典雅风格。 Studio Tate重新配置了这个楼梯,打开了前门,增强了入口的戏剧性比例。
      After entering the house, the wooden dome ceiling above the staircase space highlights the elegant style of the house. Studio Tate reconfigured the staircase, opened the front door, and increased the dramatic proportion of the entrance.


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