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Studio Tate作品 |  Y Residence Prahran

       这个年轻家庭的新增加促使了一个主要改变他们的生活环境双层的房子在一个巷道里墨尔本的内城郊区。全部拆除但两个现有的红砖墙壁,Studio Tate彻底重新考虑这座房子的工作方式,通过一些创意最大限度地利用狭小空间机动以及淹没空间自然光。
      The new addition to this young family has prompted a major change in their living environment with double-storey houses in a laneway within Melbourne's inner city suburbs. Demolition of all but two existing red-brick walls, Studio Tate thoroughly rethought the way the house works, maximizing the use of narrow space maneuvers and flooding the space with natural light through creative ideas.
       温暖带来了材料和饰面,大量使用木材。这个项目强调内在的潜力城市小空间为您提供一切需要家庭生活 - 复杂的室内设计优秀的舒适性,而不会牺牲位置。生活和用餐安装在鞋面上包括定制细木工,如岛屿与集成餐桌和舒适的长椅带壁炉的客厅。
      The warmth brought materials and finishes and heavy use of wood. This project emphasizes the inherent potential of a small urban space to provide you with everything you need for a family life - the comfort of a sophisticated interior design without sacrificing location. Living and dining installed on the shoe upper includes custom joiners, such as the island with integrated dining table and comfortable benches with fireplaces in the living room.
      A study can be used as a room or extra bedroom and a double garage as a game room or sleeping space. The master bedroom and bathroom are located overlooking a private courtyard, while the balcony offers city views.



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