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Studio-Studio作品 | 迪拜Form Hotel Dubai酒店,提供私人定制酒店体验

      Form Hotel Dubai酒店于去年开业,由巴黎的  Studio-Studio工作室设计了酒店建筑和室内设计。这是一家拥有136间客房的四星级酒店,位于阿拉伯联合酋长国的Al Jadaf街区。
      Opened last year, Form Hotel Dubai designed hotel architecture and interior design from Studio-Studio in Paris. This is a 136-room 4-star hotel located in the Al Jadaf neighbourhood of the United Arab Emirates.  
      该酒店上个月在迪拜举行的AHEAD MEA 2018酒店奖获得城市酒店类别,并被评为年度新概念
      The hotel won the City Hotel category at the AHEAD MEA 2018 Hotel Awards held in Dubai last month and was named the new concept of the year       与该地区的许多豪华酒店不同,Form Hotel酒店提供相对简约的体验。但通过酒店网站预订,客人可以通过添加不同的服务,设施和体验来定制他们在酒店的住宿。
      Unlike many luxury hotels in the area, Form Hotel offers a relatively minimalist experience. However, booking through the hotel website allows guests to customize their stay at the hotel by adding different services, facilities and experiences.  
      Add-ons include familiar hotel items such as high-end shaving supplies and a variety of toiletries, as well as more unusual options such as a personal butler or even a skydiving experience. 
      Form Hotel创始人兼首席执行官Daouk在接受采访时说:“Form Hotel是一种定制的酒店体验,主要是在酒店空间引入零售模式”,
      ”Form Hotel founder and CEO Daouk said in an interview: "Form Hotel is a customized hotel experience, mainly introducing retail models in the hotel space," 
      “We really allow our clients to plan their experiences, which really helps to further enhance their cooperation with us.”        该建筑采用全白色外观,不规则的窗户开口。大堂和餐厅的内部墙壁上铺有光滑的白色石膏,配有大理石,黄铜和深色木制家具。
      The building has an all-white appearance with irregular window openings. The interior walls of the lobby and restaurant are sleek white plaster with marble, brass and dark wood furnishings.  
      “从外到内的连续感非常重要,”建筑师Amar Sabeh el Leil表示,他曾是建筑工作室的前任,后来成立了自己的公司。
      “The sense of continuity from the outside to the inside is very important,” says architect Amar Sabeh el Leil, who was a former architect of the architectural studio and later set up his own company. 
      “There is this white, pure, simple look. You enter the inside, you still feel white, but at the same time use some other materials. All the colors come from the real material, making you enter the warmer room.” 
      Next to the lobby of the restaurant, the screen is separated by a wooden screen instead of a wall, the purpose of which is to encourage people to move freely between the two spaces.  
      “They want people to use this space effectively throughout the day and don’t feel like they’re locked in a particular area.”  
      The bedroom is furnished with custom designed furniture and can be easily reconfigured, including single, double or twin beds.


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