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Studio Luca Guadagnino作品 | 罗马Aesop商店,商店中塑造独特的美学

      这家商店位于罗马市中心的Piazza di San Lorenzo广场,距离一座五世纪的教堂和该市着名的万神殿仅有很短的路程。
      Located in Piazza di San Lorenzo in the heart of Rome, this shop is a short distance from a 5th-century church and the city’s famous Pantheon.
       这是Luca Guadagnino同名工作室首次完成的零售项目,该工作室最近在室内设计领域首次亮相,改造了意大利科莫湖上的私人住宅。
      This is the first retail project of the studio of the same name Luca Guadagnino, which recently made its debut in the interior design field, transforming a private residence on Lake Como, Italy.  
      Guadagnino is more widely known as film director and screenwriter, and his work has been recognized, including "I Love", "Big Splash", "Call in My Name", Guadagnino and his team pay attention to the materials and colors of urban aging buildings, Develop internal aesthetics.       深灰色和灰白色的菱形石灰华地板已被用于铺设车间,类似于附近的圣洛伦佐教堂的设计。
      Dark grey and off-white rhomboid travertine floors have been used in the paving workshop, similar to the design of the nearby San Lorenzo church.        一大块深绿色和玫瑰色粉红色大理石形成一个中央柜台,被一个发出深橙色光芒的奇异吊灯所忽视。然后使用桑迪色大理石形成两个独立的水池,配有铜水龙头,客户可以在那里品尝产品。
      A large piece of dark green and rose pink marble forms a central counter, neglected by a strange chandelier that emits a deep orange glow. Then use Sandy marble to form two separate pools with copper faucets where customers can taste the products.       商店的周边表面采用奶油色漆木架子,而一面墙的边缘则用大致凿成的石头过度涂抹。然后用稻草砖覆盖天花板,仿效罗马郊外Pontine Marshlands早期定居点所见的茅草屋顶。
      The surrounding surface of the store is made of cream-painted wooden shelves, while the edges of one wall are over-applied with roughly chiseled stones. The ceiling is then covered with straw bricks, emulating the thatched roof seen in the early settlements of Pontine Marshlands on the outskirts of Rome.
      Aesop的目标是在他们的每个商店中塑造独特的美学 - 他们的Snohetta设计的分店位于伦敦富裕的切尔西附近,以十二个玫瑰色的粘土拱门为中心,而他们在华盛顿特区的前哨由Tacklebox创建,墙壁上有30,000根棍子。
      Aesop's goal is to create a unique aesthetic in each of their stores - their Snohetta-designed store is located near London's affluent Chelsea, centered around twelve rose-colored clay arches, and their outpost in Washington, DC by Tacklebox Created, there are 30,000 sticks on the wall.


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