Tom Dixon作品 | Greenwich半岛,Upper Riverside社区2号楼公寓 _ 印际


Tom Dixon作品 | Greenwich半岛,Upper Riverside社区2号楼公寓

      The powerful and industrial materials used throughout the Dixon design provide a powerful British narrative and reference to the history of Greenwich. The interior design blends modern balance with natural and warm materials such as copper, leather and wood, as well as bold sculptural forms.

       创意总监Sophie Ashby花了两年时间设计这些公寓。受独特河畔环境及丰富海洋遗产启发,特别将海事元素融入房屋设计及内部装潢,缔造出专属Upper Riverside的瑰丽气派。
      Creative Director Sophie Ashby spent two years designing these apartments. Inspired by the unique riverside environment and rich marine heritage, the maritime elements are integrated into the design and interior of the house to create the exclusive style of the exclusive Upper Riverside.


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