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Stonehill Taylor | JFK机场酒店,一个中世纪奇迹的转身

      在大约一年的时间里,JFK机场的TWA飞行中心,一个中世纪的奇迹,将会进行产业的转变。由芬兰建筑师Eero Saarinen设计的这个名为“birdlike headhouse”建筑,将成为一个拥有500间客房的酒店,酒店提供各种设施酒吧,餐厅,甚至观景台。
      In about a year’s time, JFK Airport’s TWA Flight Center, a midcentury marvel, will be a property transformed. Its swooping, birdlike headhouse, designed by Finnish architect Eero Saarinen, will be the entry point for a 500-room hotel, with a whole host of amenities—bars, restaurants, even an observation deck—as part of the package.       但是,在这个空间向公众开放之前,中世纪建筑(以及美国航空的鼎盛时期)的粉丝们将不得不满足于内部的窥视,因为他们是由开发商MCR在2015年接手这个项目的。今天,另一块面纱被揭开了:MCR推出了一间客房样板房,展示了TWA酒店的设计。就像这个项目的其他一切一样,它的灵感来自1962年,也就是headhouse开业的那一年。
      But until the space opens to the public, fans of midcentury architecture (and the heyday of American aviation) will have to be content with peeks inside as they’re doled out by the developer, MCR, who took the project on in 2015. And today, another piece of the puzzle was revealed: MCR has unveiled a model room that showcases the design of the TWA Hotel—which, like everything else about the project, takes its inspiration from 1962, the year the headhouse opened.        酒店的设计公司Stonehill Taylor为了实现这一愿景,融合了时代的几种不同设计元素:温暖的胡桃木(当然包括马提尼酒吧)、黄铜灯具和水磨石地板; Knoll家具,讲述60年代的现代主义;在浴室里,有一种华丽的、好莱坞式的虚荣心。甚至还有旋转的手机,可以真正烘托出1962年的氛围。但也有现代的元素:遮光窗帘可以阻挡机场周围的光线,而玻璃幕墙的设计是为了尽量减少进出肯尼迪机场的飞机的噪音。
      Design firm Stonehill Taylor to realize that vision, which combines a few different design elements of the era: warm walnut accents (including a martini bar, of course), brass light fixtures, and terrazzo floors; Knoll furnishings that speak to the corporate modernism of the ’60s; and a glam, Hollywood-inspired vanity in the bathroom. There are even rotary phones to really hammer home that 1962 vibe.But there are modern touches, too: Blackout curtains will block light from the surrounding airport, while a glass curtain wall has been designed to minimize noise from planes coming in and out of JFK.        Saarinen的结构为其他元素提供了灵感,比如铺在酒店走廊上的红地毯;它又回到了TWA航站楼休息室里使用的颜色,以及连接到机场本身的通道。一旦整个shebang重新开放这些隧道将作为酒店的入口。
      The Saarinen structure provided the inspiration for other elements, like the red carpet that will line the hotel’s hallways; it harks back to the color used in the TWA terminal’s sunken lounge, as well as the tubes that connect the headhouse to the airport itself. Those tunnels will serve as an entry point to the hotel once the whole shebang reopens.


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