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State Of Craft作品 | Greenwich半岛,Upper Riverside社区1号楼公寓

       伦敦设计事务所State Of Craft打造了Greenwich Peninsula开发项目Upper Riverside社区1号楼的室内设计。设计灵感来自Greenwich Peninsula及其新的,创造性的居民国家平静背景与奢侈品材料。
      The London-based design firm State Of Craft created the interior design of Building 1 of the Upper Riverside community of the Greenwich Peninsula development. The design is inspired by the calm background and luxury materials of the Greenwich Peninsula and its new, creative resident country.
      Modern craft interiors provide a clean and well thought out approach to modern living. The calm background reflects the extra-large, extra-thick exotic granite and terrazzo kitchen countertops; the full-length vanity and shower panels are made of white marble and silver granite. These luxurious materials tell the sturdiness and craftsmanship, complemented by engineered wood flooring.


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