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Sophie Paterson作品 | vis a vis,第一个亚麻系列展厅

       Sophie Paterson于2018年6月20日在vis a vis展示厅推出了她的第一个系列——vis a vis亚麻系列,包括两种床上用的亚麻设计和搭配的毛巾设计。同时还为沙发和椅子公司推出了她的胶囊内饰系列,最初推出了一个沙发、一个扶手椅和一个长椅,将她的经典优雅和质朴别致的标志性风格结合在一起,并在同一个展柜为Fromental设计了两个壁纸。展览为期6周,所有展品均可通过各自品牌在商店和网上购买。
       Sophie launched her inaugural collection – a linen collection with vis a vis comprising of two bed linen designs and coordinating towel designs based on her passion for butterflies at the vis a vis showroom on 20th June 2018. Sophie also launched her capsule upholstery collection for the sofa and chair company with an initial offering of one sofa design, one armchair and one bench that combine her signature style combination of classic elegance and rustic chic and two wallpaper designs for Fromental at the same showcase. On display for 6 weeks all pieces will be available to buy in store and online through the respective brands.


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