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Sophie Paterson作品 | St.Georges Hill,大胆的当代风格

      公寓的开发商的要求一种风格,混合了更加大胆的色调,以区分与其他投放市场的产品。Sophie Paterson打造了结合格鲁吉亚格兰革风格的建筑与当代室内装饰并适合现代家庭生活的作品。
      Our developer client requested a style that blended a slightly more bold colour palette and style to differentiate the property from others that were being launched into the market. Sophie Paterson creates pieces that combine Georgian Geranium architecture with contemporary interiors and contemporary home-style finishes.        从休息室的丁香和木炭的赭色到家庭厅的柔软色调,配有杏仁,奶油和灰尘蓝色的方案,确保每个房间都有自己独特的视觉享受,目标是突出和补充引人注目的室内建筑。
      From the ochre and soft tones of lilac and charcoal in the formal sitting room to the family room with a palette of almond, cream and dusty blue the schemes ensure each room has it’s own distinct identity whilst the neutral backdrop ensures each room flows to the next. Our goal throughout was to highlight and complement the striking interior architecture.


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