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Sophie Paterson作品 | Pied De Terre,豪华舒适的现代感

       Sophie Paterson使用了更大胆的色调,从客房温暖的杏仁色调到客厅丰富的紫色和主卧室的宝石蓝。一如既往,保持了一个主要中立的基础,设计师将这些重点色调分层,以确保设计的使用寿命。这个紧凑但完美的公寓实现了最大化空间,充足的存储和豪华的感觉。
      Sophie Paterson utilised a bolder colour palette from the warm almond tones in the guest bedroom to the rich purple in the living room and the jewel blue in the master bedroom. As ever we kept a predominantly neutral base on which they layered these accent colours ensuring the longevity of the design. This compact but perfectly finished apartment now maximises the space with plentiful storage and luxury throughout. 
       家具,定制柜体的设计和装饰贯穿这豪华新公寓。精通设计的海外客户要求关键的家具需从供应商如Christian Liaigre和Holly Hunt以及舒适但现代感觉的品牌采购。
      Furnishing, bespoke joinery design and decoration throughout this luxurious new build apartment. Our design savvy overseas client requested key pieces of furniture from suppliers such as Christian Liaigre and Holly Hunt and a cosy but contemporary feel.  


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