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Sophie Paterson作品 | Oxshott Surrey,质朴的别致风格

       Sophie Paterson为了给房间创造优雅和宏伟的内饰,让家庭区域如厨房更轻松的感觉。
      Our brief was to create elegant and grand interiors for the formal rooms with a more relaxed feel to the family areas such as the kitchen.
       设计师采用了一个中性的色调,在客厅里装饰着温暖的橄榄色和杏仁色,从广泛的花园中通过窗扇看到灵感。 开放式厨房和家庭间需要一个更轻松,质朴的别致风格,辅以当代厨房,适应国家的地理位置。
      A predominantly neutral palette woven with warmer accents of olive and almond in the sitting room took inspiration from the extensive gardens visible through the sash windows. Whilst the open plan kitchen and family room warranted a more relaxed, rustic chic style that complemented the contemporary kitchen and befitted the country location. The end result was a country house that has it all- grand formal space.


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