Sophie Paterson作品 | Marylebone Penthouse,经典风格与中性色调相结合 _ 印际


Sophie Paterson作品 | Marylebone Penthouse,经典风格与中性色调相结合

       这个顶层公寓是Sophie Paterson在伦敦市中心的新建筑开发中设计的最新作品,业主是私人客户,扩展了之前曾经工作过的多单元开发的整个顶层,这个壮观的项目将于2018年底交付,拥有许多当代建筑风格,经典风格与中性色调相结合,层层豪华装饰。
      Interior architecture, interior design and turnkey styling of a vast lateral penthouse in a new build development in central LondonThis penthouse was for a private client, expanding the entire top floor of a multi unit development which we had previously worked on, we undertook the interior architecture, lighting, interior design right down to the turnkey styling. With lots of contemporary architecture with a classic twist mixed with a predominantly neutral palette with layers of luxurious finishes this spectacular project is due for handover late 2018. 


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