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Sophie Paterson作品 | Holiday House,城市花园绿洲

       Sophie Paterson被邀请参加首届伦敦Holiday House室内设计展览,设计一个主要的接待室。她们为这个空间创造了一个花园绿洲概念。
      Sophie Paterson were delighted to be asked to be part of the inaugural Holiday House London interior design exhibition designing one of the principal reception rooms.Entrusted with designing the open plan kitchen/ family room at the inaugural holiday house London we created a garden oasis concept for the space.        从丝绸手绘紫藤设计壁纸的起点中汲取灵感,使用了绿色,青铜色,奶油色和灰褐色的平静调色板,强调通过整个房间的法式门看到的花园。 这个房间向公众展示了一个月,还有25位受邀参与的设计师的作品,以及门票销售收入用于支持乳腺癌研究。
      Taking inspiration from the starting point of the silk hand painted Wisteria design wallpaper we used a calming palette of greens, bronze, cream and taupe to emphasised the garden seen through the French doors across the room. This room was on display for one month to the public along with the work of 25 selected designers invited to take part, with proceeds from ticket sales going to support breast cancer research.


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