Sophie Paterson作品 | Esher townhouse,迷人而实用的家庭住宅 _ 印际


Sophie Paterson作品 | Esher townhouse,迷人而实用的家庭住宅

       Sophie Paterson对优雅的联排别墅进行大规模翻新,营造出迷人而实用的家庭住宅,适合客户的精致品味。从房间的丝线墙面和定制水晶吊灯到厨房中大量使用书籍式的卡拉卡塔大理石,这所房子的设计经过了时间的考验,形成了古典当代设计的极致。
      Extensive refurbishment to an elegant townhouse to create a glamorous and functional family home befitting of our client´s refined taste...With discreet luxurious touches throughout from the silk thread wall covering and bespoke crystal chandelier in the drawing room to the extensive use of bookmatched calacatta marble in the kitchen, this house has been designed to withstand the test of time and form the ultimate in classic contemporary design.         设计师整合了富有想象力的存储解决方案,例如主卧室床头板上的集成存储空间,位于手绘丝绸中国式面板后面 - 这是一个精心设计的解决方案,可以增加衣柜空间。 没有任何细节被忽视,以确保这个家庭的外观将像它看起来一样漂亮。
      She has incorporated imaginative storage solutions throughout such as the integrated storage on headboard wall in the master bedroom that is discreetly located behind hand painted silk chinoiserie panels- a meticulous design solution for additional wardrobe space. No detail has been overlooked to ensure this family home will function as beautifully as it looks.


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