Sophie Paterson作品 | City Penthouse,远离城市的低调奢华 _ 印际


Sophie Paterson作品 | City Penthouse,远离城市的低调奢华

      这个住宅享有伦敦天际线的全景,Sophie Paterson从泰晤士河的景色中吸取灵感,并吸引了标志性的建筑,色调和复杂的城市内饰。
      Boasting panoramic views of the London skyline, we drew inspiration from the view across the Thames and onto the iconic O2 building for colour palette and sophisticated, urban interiors.        开放式的生活区的暧灰色反映了泰晤士河的底层的色彩,通过考虑空间规划,确保了这个紧凑型公寓的空间感。 定制的椭圆形餐桌提供六个座位,同时它的形状有助于空间动线,创造一个功能的协调中心,同时给人的的空间的错觉。
      The open plan living area with it´s base palette of warm grey reflecting the colours of The Thames has a pop of ochre- echoing the architecture of the O2 building seen through the vast window that spans the length of the room.  Through considered space planning we ensured we accentuated the feeling of space in this compact apartment. Bespoke furnishings were vital- from the oval dining table that provides seating for six whilst it’s shape helps the space flow to the bespoke slim TV unit that creates a functional focal point whilst giving the illusion of a larger room.        壮观的屋顶露台与户外厨房,休息和用餐区人拥有宽阔的视野,而楼下的两间卧室则给人远离城市的低调奢华的感觉。
      The spectacular roof terrace with outdoor kitchen, seating and dining areas has an undeniable wow factor with views for miles whilst on the floor below the two bedrooms offer a retreat from the city with soothing luxury. 


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