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Sophie Paterson作品 | Battersea,平静色调让你远离城市的繁华

        Sophie Paterson设计的这间公寓享有泰晤士河和伦敦市中心著名建筑的全景。重要的空间规划和定制细木工设计,如客厅电视单元,在这个紧凑的公寓内营造出一种空间感,同时也形成了一个功能性的焦点。
       This apartment boasts panoramic views across the River Thames and onto the famous buildings of central London.Important space planning and designs of bespoke joinery such as the living room TV unit create a sense of space within this compact apartment also forming a functional focal point.        在这个住宅中,中性,平静的色调贯穿于整个设计中,主卧室内有浓郁的紫色调,客厅里出现宁静的蓝调。 精致的材料和纹理层,如花纹美国梧桐,配以抛光的Volakas大理石和古董黄铜细节,让您远离繁华的城市。
      A neutral, calming colour palette flows throughout all designs in this property with accents of rich purple within the master bedroom and tranquil blues tones appear in the living room. Layers of sophisticated materials and textures such as figured sycamore accompanied by polished Volakas marble and antique brass details make for a soothing retreat from the bustling city.


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