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Solange Cálio作品 | Quinta do Golfe House,极简主义建筑的精致

       这座高标准的住宅位于巴西的Quinta do Golfe II私人公寓内,拥有围绕所有建筑的精致,建筑师SolangeCálio的极简主义风格,以及Luciano Fiaschi的有机景观。该项目的最初概念始于室内环境与花园和泳池区域的整合。这是通过大的自由跨度实现的,这些跨度由宽的地板 - 天花板框架包围。
      Located in a private apartment in Quinta do Golfe II, Brazil, this high-standard residence boasts exquisite architecture, the minimalist style of the architect Solange Cálio and the organic landscape of Luciano Fiaschi. The original concept of the project began with the integration of the indoor environment with the garden and pool areas. This is achieved by a large free span, which is surrounded by a wide floor-to-ceiling frame.
      The natural daylight is rich, making the interior a true extension of the look. There is significant concrete throughout the structure. In appearance, the material is accompanied by a cumaru wood and a transparent glass umbrella for the fashion show.
      The landscape and stone complete the exterior of the home. Inside, the concrete on the walls and lining has a special texture made of wood. Travertine Navona marble flooring is another key element that helps to integrate this home. The material starts from the main room and extends to the gourmet area, which is also used on the island's countertops.
       结果是干净和连续的外观。这个住宅的另一个亮点无疑是房间的流通。 cumaru木头翻过了面板内置的门。在大玻璃窗前面,居民穿过空间,同时看到无限游泳板和高尔夫球场的背景。
      The result is a clean and continuous appearance. Another highlight of this home is undoubtedly the circulation of the room. Cumaru wood turned over the door built into the panel. In front of the large glass windows, residents pass through the space while seeing the background of the infinity swimming board and the golf course.
       在起居室里,其中一面墙上有一个律师事务所和一个带镜子的门,电视,书籍和其他个人家庭物品的模块。起居室仍然拥有由SérgioRodrigues签名的Mole Chair保证的舒适和设计。其他设计作品与环境相得益彰,如Magneto落地灯和Lumini的Lumièreabajour。
      In the living room, one of the walls has a natural law firm and a module with mirror doors, TV, books and other personal household items. The living room still has the comfort and design guaranteed by the Mole Chair signed by Sérgio Rodrigues. Other designs complement the environment, such as the Magneto floor lamp and Lumini's Lumièreabajour.
       Botteh的地毯采用中性色调,将温暖带入空间并划分室内空间。这个空间也由On Light的白色漆面书桌和吊坠分隔。在休闲和聊天的时刻,阳台配备了维京烧烤炉,Gervasoni的Into沙发,Carlos Motta的摇椅Asturias和Pedro Petry的长椅。
      Botteh's rugs are in neutral tones, bringing warmth into space and dividing the interior. This space is also separated by On Light's white lacquered desk and pendant. At leisure and chatting, the balcony is equipped with Viking Grill, Gervasoni's Into sofa, Carlos Motta's rocking chair Asturias and Pedro Petry's benches.


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