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Snob Hotel | 呈现巴黎高等社会的别致

        Hotel Snob酒店位于Les Halles区,Saint-Denis街的行人专区。灵感来自精致的巴黎女士,以其轻松时尚和细腻的细节而闻名。
        Hotel Snob can be found on the recently redeveloped Les Halles district on a pedestrian section of rue Saint-Denis。Inspired by the quintessential Parisian lady, renowned for her effortless chic and exquisite detailing.
        The SNOB has been designed in the style of a bourgeois mansion to pay homage to the Parisienne lady. This complex yet charming ideal of snobbery represents the Parisienne's 'Eternal holidaymaker' spirit as much as her 'Chic and chilled' demeanour.
        酒店的设计由DorothéeDelaye和DaphnéDesjeux打造。客房有二种风格,一个别致而冷静的风格,代表巴黎别致的女士。黑色和白色是这些房间显示的永恒的经典。 条纹图案,形状,小图案和大画布让这个Parisienne的黑白卧室产生一个戏剧性的对比。 然而,在这里感觉到完美平衡。
        Designed by local duo, Dorothée Delaye and Daphné Desjeux.There are two styles for our rooms, A 'chic and chilled' style, representing the Parisian lady who is born to be chic.Black and white are timeless classics which speak for themselves, as these rooms show. Striped patterns, shapes, little motifs, and large canvases: this Parisienne's black and white bedroom is a play of contrasts. However, one feels in perfect balance here.
        Parisienne Snob是别致的。 另一个“永恒的度假者”风格,代表着迷人的巴黎风情。她的卧室是治疗性旅行的一种,帮助她伸展直到下一次蓝调。一个装饰着一些红玫瑰森林的大型壁画贯穿了卧室,增添了渡假气息。
        The Parisienne Snob is chic. An 'eternal holidaymaker' style, which represents the charming Parisienne snob.Her bedroom is an ode to her therapeutic travels which help her hold out until her next case of the blues. A large fresco representing a forest adorned with some red roses infuses the bedroom with a holiday air.
        The bedrooms are compact and cosy in a sultry palette of inky blacks, bordeaux and gold on a base of smokey grey。while Parisian couture notes appear in herringbone headboards, black and white houndstooth carpets and lacquered cabinets with spindly legs inspired by stiletto heels. Elsewhere, tasselled lampshades emit a warm, flattering glow and irreverent 'Renaissance' portraits add a note of humour.
        设计师通过将重新设计的工艺家具与设计师作品和自己设计的家具(灯,座椅,镜子等)混合,创造出经典与现代设计之间的完美结合; 她们的装饰方式是一种真正的交响乐风格,它唤醒了不可能组合的艺术。
        They create the perfect marriage between classic and modern design by mixing re-appropriated craft furniture with designer pieces and with furnishings designed by themselves (lights, seats, mirrors…); their decorating approach is a real symphony of styles, which awakens the art found in unlikely combinations.
        The SNOB hotel gives its highly desirable postcode a real kick in the teeth, this brand new 4 star boutique hotel will give you a taste of Parisian high society. The theme of greenery is very present in the hotel, symbolising the Parisienne's desire for a touch of authenticity,Bourgeois conventions with cool undertones, allowing you to live a truly authentic French 'chic' experience.


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