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Signature Group作品 | Voltor 16,无敌海景别墅

      Puigderros坐拥地中海的无敌景观,是Signature Group在马略卡南部三个标志性住宅的所在地。Voltor 16是其中之一,并且与其位置一样令人印象深刻
      The cliffs of Puigderros offer unspoiled views of the Mediterranean Sea, turquoise, and are home to three of Signature Group's projects in the south of Mallorca. Voltor 16 is one of them and is as impressive as its location.        该建筑融合了当代设计和地域特色,例如构成建筑底部大部分墙壁的手工雕刻石块。建筑的东侧和西侧的外墙延伸到上层的边界,使得室内和室外区域之间形成不间断的流动。
      The building is a mix of contemporary design and regional accents, such as the hand-carved stones that make up most of the walls at the bottom of the building. The exterior walls on the east and west sides of the building extend beyond the boundaries of the upper floor, making an uninterrupted flow between the exterior and interior areas.        该建筑分为两个区域,由一个双层高层大厅连接,该大厅充当整个建筑的中央接入点,可以进入到房屋各层。在上层,两部分通过桥连接。所有房间都可以透过大型滑动窗户坐拥无限蓝色海景和帕尔马湾的景色。
      The building is divided into two areas connected by a double height lobby that acts as the central access point for the entire building that provides access to all levels of the house. At the upper level, the two parts are connected through a bridge. All rooms have views of the infinite blue of the sea and the bay of Palma through large sliding windows that serve as doors, without interrupting the design of clean flow that runs throughout the house.


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