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SevilPeach作品 | Artek总部,产品之间的正确平衡

      Artek总部赫尔辛基是一个位于芬兰赫尔辛基的极简主义空间,由SevilPeach设计。 Artek酒店的新建筑位于一栋经过改建的19世纪优雅公寓大楼的4楼。酒店位于市中心,坐落在标志性的Stockmann百货商店对面,距离Artek商店仅有几步之遥。 470平方米的空间包括一系列小房间,通过长而黑暗的内部走廊到达,与外部没有视觉连接。
     Artek HQ Helsinki is a minimalist space located in Helsinki, Finland, designed by SevilPeach. Artek’s new premises are situated on the 4th floor of a converted elegant 19th century apartment building. Located in the city centre opposite the iconic Stockmann department store, it is just a short walk away from the Artek shop. The 470m2 space comprised a series of small rooms, reached via long, dark internal corridors with no visual connections to the outside.

      在担任Artek总部的同时,新办公室也应该成为建筑师和经销商的“工作陈列室”。 Vitra作为母公司的角色以及它在办公家具方面的能力,将通过将Vitra和Artek产品以和谐和功能性的方式结合起来展示。因此,新环境必须实现多个目标:通过规划和使用材料来传达'Artek的精神',创造一个拥有最大日光的民主环境,并展示Artek和Vitra产品之间的正确平衡。
      Whilst serving as Artek’s headquarter, the new office should also act as a ‘working showroom’ for architects and dealers. Vitra’s role as parent company and it’s competence in office furniture are to be demonstrated by combining Vitra and Artek products in a harmonious and functional way. The new environment therefore has to achieve multiple goals: convey ‘Artek’s Spirit’ through it’s planning and use of materials, create a democratic environment with maximum daylight as well as showcase the right balance between Artek and Vitra products.

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      With a fast track program of seven months from start to completion, the design process had to be highly efficient. The challenging schedule affected the choice of materials used. Although some finishes appear raw and ‘as found’, much consideration was given to their strategic selection and detailing. Five intimate human-scale work zones are supported by two meeting rooms. A central break-out area with an open kitchen hosts a library with soft seating alongside dining tables with flexible layout options. In addition, facilities such as a sample library, chair rack, cloakroom, lockers, bathrooms and a copy & print area complete the diverse office environment.


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