YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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YINJISPACE use media professional’s unique perspective,try to explore the essence of life behind the design works.

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Yinterview.118 | Italy x studioutte

Milan 2024-06-06

Established in 2020 by Guglielmo Giagnotti and Patrizio Gola, studioutte is a Milan-based multidisciplinary practice for interior architecture, decoration and collectible design. The vision of studioutte is distinctly Italian yet an integrated, harmonious reality. Its hybrid design is composed of vernacular architecture research and influences across various regional practices.

Through a clear, expressive approach that eludes reiterated and extreme elements, the aim is purity, a concentration into a primitive essence. A warm assertiveness meets an animistic devotion for objects and interiors. Reaching beyond the formality of simplicity, ideas are distilled into essential, poetic forms and spaces.

Yinjispace: Patrizio and Guglielmo had previously worked in interior design and architectural design respectively. What was the opportunity for you to start collaborate?

studioutte:It started naturally. We felt the impulse of designing a small collection of furniture and suddenly the opportunity for our first project, Rootine Wellness Club in Munich, came up.

Yinjispace:The studio is defined as cross-discipline design. How do you view the trend and future of “cross- discipline” design?

studioutte:It’s a spontaneous approach, very Italian, we would say. In the historical tradition of our country, there is no distinction between an architect, interior or product designer. We want to frame our practice along this path. Architecture is including all these fields in all scales.

Yinjispace:What is the philosophy or logic of the brand?

studioutte:Developing a precise consistent language focused on the idea of simplicity, refined vernacularism and cultured anonymity.

Yinjispace:Guglielmo once explained that the basis of your work is still based on the traditional Italian design. Can you please introduce the creation process of a furniture piece or a space?

studioutte:The process is an intersection of visual accumulation, a feeling of belonging to a certain interrupted path of Italian culture that travels through experiences, sketches, cinema background and, moreover, a primary analysis of the “genius loci” (spirit of the place) approach. Once we have the first draft of the object or space, there is a very long process of deduction and simplification.

Yinjispace:People usually use “style” and “trend” to describe a piece of design work. What do you think of such evaluation standard?

studioutte:Style and trends are part of the circular history of architecture but it’s something that’s been framed in the language evolution of architecture itself. With multiple international new waves, we find every kind of expression overlapping and noisy. The aim is to keep a certain attitude to silence and to a timeless approach.

Yinjispace:At the 2024 Milan exhibition, your showroom has reflected an ultimate sense of immersion. Please introduce the main factors that created the sense of purity and integrity in a space.

studioutte:It’s a certain care towards materials, colors, pure lines, simple elements’ in repetition, a precise rhythm and an artisanal approach executed together with music and an olfactive layer. In this way, we do think a full experience is sensorial.

Yinjispace:Studioutte’s furniture pieces are limited editions. What would be the reason?

studioutte:It’s a part of the collectible approach we have on certain collections. It makes them more precious.

Yinjispace:Could you please explain your ideas and inspiration for the use of materials?

studioutte:We always like to use natural and raw, expressive materials. Anything that is experimental. Sometimes we like to play with lacquered wood and glossy colors which are in contrast with the simplicity of the shape of our designs.

Yinjispace:What is the upcoming direction and vision?

studioutte:The direction would be to expand ourselves towards bigger scale interiors, perhaps in hospitality and medium scale works in architecture.